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For decades, the Taliban has fought the Afghan government and its allies.

Now that the United States is withdrawing its troops from Afghanistan, the Taliban appear to be stronger than ever.

Now, Biden wants his soldiers out of the country by September 11 and the Americans are leaving which could bolster the Taliban even more.

Who are taliban?

To understand the Taliban, you must first understand what happened in Afghanistan during the 1980s. For nine years, Afghan guerillas known as mujahideen fought a Soviet occupation. The CIA even provided them with money and weapons.

The Soviets withdrew in 1989, and the years that followed were tumultuous. By 1992, there was a full-fledged civil war, with tribe chiefs vying for control.

Two years later, a militia known as the Taliban gained prominence.

Many of its members had attended fundamentalist religious schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and some had previously fought as mujahideen. They also have their own ideas for the country.

By 1996, the Taliban had taken control of the capital. They declared Afghanistan to be an Islamic emirate and began enforcing their own rigid version of Islamic law.

And, following that, 9/11 occurred and America was on the hunt for al-leader, Qaeda’s Osama bin Laden, who was hiding out in Afghanistan with the support of the Taliban and they needed proof that he was responsible for the attack.

And, when they refused to hand over the man immediately, the Americans invaded. Within a few months, the Taliban were driven from power, and Afghanistan was given a new interim government.

Three years later, a new constitution was drafted, and Hamid Karzai was elected president and during this time Taliban had regrouped throughout this time with years of horrific conflict ensued, and it is still ongoing.

The effects of Taliban

  • Over 40,000 Afghan people have been slain.
  • At least 64,000 Afghan military and police personnel.
  • 3,500 international servicemen, have been killed.
  • The United States alone has spent about a trillion dollars on war and rehabilitation programmes.

And, despite this, Afghanistan remains extremely insecure, with the Taliban remaining a formidable force to deal with.

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Lonnie Gross August 20, 2021 at 2:43 pm

Taliban captured Afghanistan and everyone is fleeing the country. May god help the people of Afghanistan

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