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Is eXp the most rapidly growing brokerage? Yes. In the first quarter of 2021, the company’s agent count increased by over 85%, and it now employs over 30,000 people across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. In addition, the company has grown into other areas such as British Columbia, Nebraska, South Dakota, Vermont, and others.

Growing Brokerage

When it comes to real estate brokerages, eXp has the strongest growth rate, with sales volume more than doubling in five years. In comparison to Redfin, which is a niche player that provides houses that are priced higher than the national average, eXp is the most popular brokerage in the United States. Despite the fact that both organizations have similar business methods, eXp used funds to hire agents and stock options to differentiate themselves. Both companies have used technology to set themselves apart.

Despite the company’s rapid growth, membership in the National Association of Realtors has decreased, from 1.55 million in April to 1.4 million in 2021. The company’s leaders have shown a desire to expand worldwide, and eXp recently announced the opening of offices in New Zealand, Chile, and Chile. This week, the company also announced the opening of operations in Dubai, Chile, and other international markets. The organization has already surpassed its initial objective of 80 agents, which is a sign of the times.

Internet Brokerage

While eXp Realty is an internet brokerage, it has a compensation plan that is comparable to that of an MLM. In truth, eXp’s compensation structure is generous, and commissions are capped at $16,000 per year. Agents that produce a lot of business might make more than $16,000 per year. While this may appear to be a large sum, it is still a significant sum of money, and the company is capable of expanding its activities.

eXp has made great progress in its attempts to help real estate professionals reach their full potential with its immersive 3D platform. An immersive 3D platform allows agents to be more connected and productive. This is just the start. Furthermore, this company grows into new areas while adopting cutting-edge technologies. Is eXp the brokerage with the most rapid expansion?

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