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When we talk about something that happens behind the scenes, it can refer to activities or events that happen out of public view. This can include things like theatre productions or movie making. For example, if you’re a successful person and have a lot of fans, you may have people who work on your behalf to help you get the job done. They’re not always seen by the public, but they’re working hard behind the scenes to help you succeed.

MB Salone

Born in Freetown, Sierra Leone & currently living stateside, MB Salone is a music producer and audio engineer with a unique production style & fast-growing resume. His mainstream introduction with Lil Key’s ‘Shorty Right There’ has secured him widespread media recognition & attention.

MB is a true entrepreneur and has mastered every role in production – beat making, engineering, songwriting, music videos, graphics – the list goes on! MB’s latest single ‘Winna’ features the talents of Alex Marley and is heralded as a standout track.

MB’s music has been featured in various mainstream media publications including MTV (My Super Sweet 16), MTV News, DJ UNK, Tokyo Jetz, and more. In 2018, he dropped his debut instrumental album ‘Da Plug’, which spawned popular beats like “Johnny Juliano” and “Pharrell Williams”. The MB Salone name is a household name in the Sierra Leone music scene and expects his burgeoning popularity to amplify next year as more artists request his behind-the-scenes service.

Alex Marley

Alex Marley, the son of a Jamaican music legend, grew up with a deep love for reggae and dancehall but has broadened his musical interests to include jazz, rock, and other styles. He has studied seven instruments, including saxophone, piano, and steel pan, and composed all of his own music.

He is an accomplished singer, guitarist, and recording artist, and the frontman for The Black Lion Band. His raw, incendiary live performances shock audiences with his spiffy delivery and wild antics.

As a Rastafarian, Alex’s music speaks of love, peace, and liberation. He uses these principles to spread the Rastafari message globally.

In addition to his academic studies, Alex is an active volunteer in his community and works as a Rastafari ambassador. He performs and teaches music at various schools and summer camps throughout the Caribbean.


MB Salone is a US-based audio engineer whose production style has secured him growing recognition. His latest release, ‘Winna’ is a funky Afrobeat record that combines elements of dancehall, R&B, and hip hop. The song will be available in major digital stores on 14 May, ahead of a forthcoming EP.

The most impressive part of ‘Winna’ is its production, which was entirely done by Salone himself. His beats are enriched with heavy cultural elements, groovy bass, and a radio-friendly mid-tempo bounce. He also pays homage to modern production pioneers such as Johnny Juliano, Pharrell Williams, and Dr. Dre, all of whom he considers his technical models. Aside from producing, MB Salone also acts as an artist manager, blogger, and social media marketer. His music has been featured on the likes of MTV, DJBooth, VEVO, and Hot New Hip Hop. The song is a must-listen for fans of the genre.


The video production of ‘Winna’, which is MB Salone’s debut EP release, is anchored in Afrobeats and R&B. It features heavy cultural elements, groovy bass, and radio-friendly mid-tempo bounce that harkens back to the beats that inspired him to begin producing music.

MB Salone, whose full name is Mohamed Bailor Barrie, has a unique production style that has seen him secure recognition in the industry. His work has included co-productions for Baltimore rapper Lil Key, ‘Shorty Right There’, and ‘Feel This Way’ by Reason TDE. He also released his debut 16-track beat tape in 2018, Da Plug, which showcased a diverse array of creativity, inspiration, and respect for today’s super producers including Johnny Juliano, Pharrell Williams, and Dr Dre.

Casey and his crew are working for Winna, a rich bookie who hires them to pull off heists across different cities using a shell company. Their first heist, which involves stealing a trump card at an auction, goes awry and Casey, Sykes, and Mike are arrested. But despite this, Winna still offers them their next job for a higher sum of money.

In the making of “Winna” by MB Salone and Alex Marley, understanding music theory played a crucial role. Music theory serves as the building blocks for creating a melody and a harmonious sound. It helps musicians to make informed decisions when composing music, such as choosing the right chords and notes to complement the lyrics. For those looking to delve deeper into music theory, the article “Exploring Music Theory – Understanding the Building Blocks of Melody and Harp” provides valuable insights. By understanding music theory, artists can create music that resonates with their audience and stands the test of time.

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